Weather stations

Weather stations allow us to monitor changing weather conditions in different environments and inform us about:

  • outdoor temperature;
  • wind speed and direction;
  • precipitation levels (rain gauge);
  • air humidity;
  • fog and smoke detection (visibility sensor).

The obtained data is public and accessible to all citizens who wish to be accurately informed about the weather, traffic or other road conditions at one particular location. It is especially important during winter months or in case of fog, thunderstorm, strong wind or snowfall. Variable warning message signs placed on the road network display information gathered from weather stations in seconds.

Weather data can be coupled with the road traffic data for overall supervision of road networks. They are usually placed in the coldest areas or areas which are the most exposed to fog and freezing rain. Thanks to these weather stations, weather conditions can be predicted much more accurately and a couple of hours in advance. With their help we can also anticipate the need for snow removal equipment on certain road sections.
A part from contributing to greater road security by informing and warning drivers about road conditions, they also minimize and facilitate road maintenance costs during winter months and reduce traffic congestion. 
Complete video surveillance system coupled with a weather station, installed in Slovenia by OMEGA