Video surveillance system

The company Omega base, in cooperation with the largest European manufacturers, exports high quality network surveillance video cameras, which can be optionally upgraded with weather stations, interfaces and data consoles.

In addition to distribution, we also take care of the information system maintenance, which is done remotely. In short, we provide the complete video surveillance services, including data acquisition and processing.

All installed cameras are based on IP technology, meaning they use existing network infrastructures (low system deployment costs) and do not need a computer for their operation. Such cameras offer fast, high-quality and instant image viewing, along with the possibility of remote location monitoring.

All shots and videos are stored on server for further use and interpretation.

Our video surveillance system actually allows us to access saved images from anywhere in the world and to therefore manage them properly.

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  • Study and analysis of dangers road spots called "black spots";
  • Distribution and positioning of video surveillance cameras (indoor or outdoor network cameras, domes, panoramic cameras, bullets, fixed or motorized cameras etc.);
  • Distribution, installation, updating and maintenance of surveillance software, supporting all types of cameras;
  • Data processing and archiving.