Standards and Security

DIRECTIVE: Elevators OMEGA base are conform to Standard EN81, Directive 2014/33/EU.

TURNKEY SOLUTION: To facilitate installation, all the electric elements in the control cabinet come already prewired and programmed by our engineers. There is no need to do any engineering or IT work at the site.

LOAD: 150 kg – 3500 kg (up to 5000 kg for Car Lifts).

SPEED: up to 1,6 m/s maximum for passenger comfort.

SECURITY: the most important aspect at OMEGA base is security of our vertical transport and this should never be questioned. Our engineering team integrates in OMEGA base elevators the most advanced elevator security systems available and we never provide elevators less equipped.

Every OMEGA base passenger elevator features:

  • Gong (beeps in the cabin when the doors are fully open);
  • Parachute system; Shaft Lightning; Emergency light;
  • Blackout function (in case of power failure, the car arrives at the nearest stop and opens the doors automatically);
  • Parking function (when calls are not received, the elevator will be at the lowest level);
  • Full load function (disables the control panel if the car load is excessive);
  • UPS system; Braille on the buttons;
  • Light curtain (avoids blockage between doors);
  • Fan (motor, car);
  • Telephone / Intercom (fire alarm)