Semi-circular panoramic elevators

Semi-cricular panoramic elevators are probably one of the most exquisite and aesthetically eye-catching elevators, suited for any modern buildings such as hotels, shopping malls or office buildings.

Combination of unbreakable glass and stainless steel are in absolute harmony with the architectural style of each building.

Due to their open shaft structure, semi-circular panoramic elevators offer a great unimpeded view.

OMEGA semi-circular standard panoramic cabin offers : 

Cabin wall decoration: front wall in semi round safety triplex glass in two pieces,  side walls in stainless steel super mirror finish.

Doors in stainless steel brushed with central opening.

Flooring: granite.

Ceiling: stainless steel mirror laser cut with  LED hidden lights.

COP in vertical disposition, full height.

It is possible to fully customize your cabin model and we will adapt to your wishes. 

semi-round cabinPanoramic elevator