Road surveillance system

At OMEGA, we offer you the complete road surveillance network system which will reinforce the mobility and safety on rural, urban roads or on highways.

Our comprehensive surveillance system available online allows everyone (citizens, car associations, radio stations, drivers, road maintenance teams, etc.) to view camera data in real time. In order to avoid dangerous situations, it is mandatory to accurately inform all road users (including pedestrians) about weather, traffic and road conditions.

A smart system of network cameras, placed on "black spots" (the place where the possibility of an adverse event such as theft, road accident or natural disaster is the highest) is necessary to ensure security on certain sections of the roads.

To achieve this, we must first identify which road sections are at risk the most. Normally these are roads which are too narrow, in poor condition, badly signaled, poorly lit or exposed to natural hazards (such as avalanches, floods, etc.).

In order to offer you a complete surveillance service, we have upgraded it and improved it with various monitoring stations which serve for weather and temperature monitoring, air quality monitoring  etc.

Our goal is - above all - to offer you long term solutions which would gradually improve road safety and to reduce the number of accidents, which normally occur on repetitive locations.

Vidéosurveillance des routes et des villesVidéosurveillance des routes et des villesVidéosurveillance des routes et des villes