Our selection

At OMEGA we offer fully customized cabins, which could be designed by yourself or picked out from our catalogue. Our elevators adapt to all shafts sizes and can be fitted into new or old buildings.

If you have reduced pit or headroom, we are your right choice - we can tackle any job or challenge.

When it comes to electro-mechanics, we only use high quality and European made components in our elevators. But when it comes to aesthetics, which is equally important to us, we believe in great design with a personal and unique touch which has to match the overall building look.  

We can add an impressive touch to your modern building with panoramic elevator in combination with granite or stone flooring. Pure lines make the cabin look much more spacious and elegant.

On the other hand, for older buildings, you can choose between cabins in wood imitation designs, which give the whole building cozy, rustic and familiar feeling.

Choose from our wide range of elevator cabin options for residential areas, public buildings, hotels, manufacturing plants, schools, business centers and office buildings.


See some examples of installed elevators OMEGA below: 


Panoramic lifts

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Goods lifts

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Passenger lifts

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