Network cameras

The surveillance system of network cameras and software, which we install, allows you to obtain current and past data on:

  • traffic jams and queues;
  • road accidents;
  • traffic conditions at the borders;
  • road conditions (snow, floods, turbulence, storms, avalanches, etc.).

We place video cameras on designated locations where the probability of any risky event is the greatest.

We trust and only place cameras of European origin, which have:

  • ultra high resolution and high quality performance;
  • remarkable resistance (to vandalism, heavy blows, water, dust, extreme temperatures, even corrosion etc);
  • very high sensitivity to light;
  • day and night functionality for monitoring in low lights or during the night time;
  • advanced functions (like Motion Detection, Line Crossing, Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, People Counting, Vandalism Detection etc),
  • extremely high level of detail.

All cameras are super easy to install, come with a handy manual and certificates.  Our complete service for network cameras includes:

  • hybrid UPS for power supply in case of energy cut;
  • POE extenders for covering distances;
  • free video management software and mobile app for basic needs.

After sales support and technical assistance are provided remotely by our team.

Caméras de vidéosurveillance IP
Image des caméras IP

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