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OMEGA elevators are high quality elevators assembled from different electronic and mechanical components, all manufactured in the European Union. We offer turnkey solutions and deliver custom made elevators according to your shaft specifications, needs and wishes. We only work with reputable and well known European suppliers, who we fully trust, because we want to ensure our elevators life expectancy of at least 25 years, with the right maintenance.

Elevators OMEGA are a long-term investment, which will increase the value of your building and your comfort level. When you choose OMEGA elevators, you choose quality and peace of mind.

Our elevators OMEGA are made to reduce the risk of frequent breakdowns which will save you money on future maintenance requirements and repairs.

As we do not have a standardized mass production, we aim to develop with each and every client a committed relationship based on mutual trust and listening.  Our biggest advantage over the competitors is in our service, which is fast, flexible, professional and always understanding. With us, you will never wait on line to be heard and all information will be provided to you as soon as possible.  You will only be in communication with one Sales manager who will run your project, with the help of his team, from the beginning to the end.

We aim to reduce your work to almost zero, handle all areas of your project and save you on time and money. We take care of everything for you, including pre-shipment inspection and the delivery to your desired destination.

Our offer includes:

  • Electric (traction) MR or MRL lifts;
  • Hydraulic lifts;
  • Freight lifts;
  • Dumbwaiters;
  • Car lifts;
  • Escalators or moving walks.

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To receive a free offer with the plan, please send us your request on our e-mail: info@omegabase.si. We respond quickly to each e-mail.

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Ascenseur électrique MRLElectric elevator without machineryAscenseur électrique panoramiquePanoramic electric elevator

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