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At OMEGA we offer fully customized cabins, which could be designed by yourself or picked out from our catalogue. Our elevators adapt to all shafts sizes and can be fitted into new or old buildings.

If you have reduced pit or headroom, we are your right choice - we can tackle any job or challenge.

When it comes to electro-mechanics, we only use high quality and European made components in our elevators. But when it comes to aesthetics, which is equally important to us, we believe in great design with a personal and unique touch which has to match the overall building look.  

We can add an impressive touch to your modern building with panoramic elevator in combination with granite or stone flooring. Pure lines make the cabin look much more spacious and elegant.

On the other hand, for older buildings, you can choose between cabins in wood imitation designs, which give the whole building cozy, rustic and familiar feeling.

Choose from our wide range of elevator cabin options for residential areas, public buildings, hotels, manufacturing plants, schools, business centers and office buildings.


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Panoramic lifts

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Why choose us?

The Slovenian brand OMEGA guarantees you for each service or product in our selection:

100% European and certified (CE) material, tested and programmed before shipment;
2 year full warranty;
• organization of pre-inspection before shipment;
• organization of container transport (according to clients wish, CIF or CFR);
technical support online during installation;
• remote technical support provided at all times in case of problems;
spare parts sales, if needed.


We are here to fully support you, from the conception to the realization of your project. We will find the best solutions to deliver you an elevator that fit your ideas perfectly.

Our team adapts to all of your requests and responds to all types of constraints, including elevators in existing buildings and in small spaces.

Our goal is clear and simple: take care of everything instead of you to reduce your work.

Ascenseur électrique sans local machinerieAscenseur électrique sans local machinerieEscaliers roulants d'une bonne qualitéEscaliers roulants à la GareAscenseur électrique panoramique

Elevators OMEGA

OMEGA elevators are high quality elevators assembled from different electronic and mechanical components, all manufactured in the European Union. We offer turnkey solutions and deliver custom made elevators according to your shaft specifications, needs and wishes. We only work with reputable and well known European suppliers, who we fully trust, because we want to ensure our elevators life expectancy of at least 25 years, with the right maintenance.

Elevators OMEGA are a long-term investment, which will increase the value of your building and your comfort level. When you choose OMEGA elevators, you choose quality and peace of mind.

Our elevators OMEGA are made to reduce the risk of frequent breakdowns which will save you money on future maintenance requirements and repairs.

As we do not have a standardized mass production, we aim to develop with each and every client a committed relationship based on mutual trust and listening.  Our biggest advantage over the competitors is in our service, which is fast, flexible, professional and always understanding. With us, you will never wait on line to be heard and all information will be provided to you as soon as possible.  You will only be in communication with one Sales manager who will run your project, with the help of his team, from the beginning to the end.

We aim to reduce your work to almost zero, handle all areas of your project and save you on time and money. We take care of everything for you, including pre-shipment inspection and the delivery to your desired destination.

Our offer includes:

  • Electric (traction) MR or MRL lifts;
  • Hydraulic lifts;
  • Freight lifts;
  • Dumbwaiters;
  • Car lifts;
  • Escalators or moving walks.

To receive our free offer with the cabin choice, please click on this link.

To receive a free offer with the plan, please send us your request on our e-mail: info@omegabase.si. We respond quickly to each e-mail.

Standards and security

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Elevator modernization

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Ascenseur électrique MRLElectric elevator without machineryAscenseur électrique panoramiquePanoramic electric elevator

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Road surveillance system

At OMEGA, we offer you the complete road surveillance network system which will reinforce the mobility and safety on rural, urban roads or on highways.

Our comprehensive surveillance system available online allows everyone (citizens, car associations, radio stations, drivers, road maintenance teams, etc.) to view camera data in real time. In order to avoid dangerous situations, it is mandatory to accurately inform all road users (including pedestrians) about weather, traffic and road conditions.

A smart system of network cameras, placed on "black spots" (the place where the possibility of an adverse event such as theft, road accident or natural disaster is the highest) is necessary to ensure security on certain sections of the roads.

To achieve this, we must first identify which road sections are at risk the most. Normally these are roads which are too narrow, in poor condition, badly signaled, poorly lit or exposed to natural hazards (such as avalanches, floods, etc.).

In order to offer you a complete surveillance service, we have upgraded it and improved it with various monitoring stations which serve for weather and temperature monitoring, air quality monitoring  etc.

Our goal is - above all - to offer you long term solutions which would gradually improve road safety and to reduce the number of accidents, which normally occur on repetitive locations.

Vidéosurveillance des routes et des villesVidéosurveillance des routes et des villesVidéosurveillance des routes et des villes

Weather stations

Weather stations allow us to monitor changing weather conditions in different environments and inform us about:

  • outdoor temperature;
  • wind speed and direction;
  • precipitation levels (rain gauge);
  • air humidity;
  • fog and smoke detection (visibility sensor).

The obtained data is public and accessible to all citizens who wish to be accurately informed about the weather, traffic or other road conditions at one particular location. It is especially important during winter months or in case of fog, thunderstorm, strong wind or snowfall. Variable warning message signs placed on the road network display information gathered from weather stations in seconds.

Weather data can be coupled with the road traffic data for overall supervision of road networks. They are usually placed in the coldest areas or areas which are the most exposed to fog and freezing rain. Thanks to these weather stations, weather conditions can be predicted much more accurately and a couple of hours in advance. With their help we can also anticipate the need for snow removal equipment on certain road sections.
A part from contributing to greater road security by informing and warning drivers about road conditions, they also minimize and facilitate road maintenance costs during winter months and reduce traffic congestion. 
Complete video surveillance system coupled with a weather station, installed in Slovenia by OMEGA

Network cameras

The surveillance system of network cameras and software, which we install, allows you to obtain current and past data on:

  • traffic jams and queues;
  • road accidents;
  • traffic conditions at the borders;
  • road conditions (snow, floods, turbulence, storms, avalanches, etc.).

We place video cameras on designated locations where the probability of any risky event is the greatest.

We trust and only place cameras of European origin, which have:

  • ultra high resolution and high quality performance;
  • remarkable resistance (to vandalism, heavy blows, water, dust, extreme temperatures, even corrosion etc);
  • very high sensitivity to light;
  • day and night functionality for monitoring in low lights or during the night time;
  • advanced functions (like Motion Detection, Line Crossing, Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, People Counting, Vandalism Detection etc),
  • extremely high level of detail.

All cameras are super easy to install, come with a handy manual and certificates.  Our complete service for network cameras includes:

  • hybrid UPS for power supply in case of energy cut;
  • POE extenders for covering distances;
  • free video management software and mobile app for basic needs.

After sales support and technical assistance are provided remotely by our team.

Caméras de vidéosurveillance IP
Image des caméras IP

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Video surveillance system

The company Omega base, in cooperation with the largest European manufacturers, exports high quality network surveillance video cameras, which can be optionally upgraded with weather stations, interfaces and data consoles.

In addition to distribution, we also take care of the information system maintenance, which is done remotely. In short, we provide the complete video surveillance services, including data acquisition and processing.

All installed cameras are based on IP technology, meaning they use existing network infrastructures (low system deployment costs) and do not need a computer for their operation. Such cameras offer fast, high-quality and instant image viewing, along with the possibility of remote location monitoring.

All shots and videos are stored on server for further use and interpretation.

Our video surveillance system actually allows us to access saved images from anywhere in the world and to therefore manage them properly.

Get a free catalog of our full line of products which we export. You can receive it by clicking here or by sending us an e-mail, info@omegabase.si.

video nadzor in IP kamere video nadzor in IP kamere video nadzor in IP kamere


  • Study and analysis of dangers road spots called "black spots";
  • Distribution and positioning of video surveillance cameras (indoor or outdoor network cameras, domes, panoramic cameras, bullets, fixed or motorized cameras etc.);
  • Distribution, installation, updating and maintenance of surveillance software, supporting all types of cameras;
  • Data processing and archiving.