Elevator modernization

Revive your elevator by ordering our custom-made Control cabinets OMEGA base, suitable for all types and brands of elevators on the market. 

We offer you a turnkey solution with several benefits such as:

  • A cabinet set up and ready to be installed in any elevator, with all the parameters programmed by our team;
  • A completely prewired system;
  • No need for computers or advanced skills;
  • Reliable cabinet with a high level of security;
  • Elevator electronics easier and faster to install;
  • Lifetime of your renewed lift: up to 25 years with good maintenance.

Our modernization offer BASIC includes Control cabinet with frequency inverter (7.5KW 11KW 15KW or other) and cabin/landing operating panels. All the necessary cables, telephone and switches are included. You can choose between Dot Matrix and TFT displays.

Our modernization offer PREMIUM includes besides the above mentioned also new motor, ropes, shaft material and security systems.

All the integrated material is of European origin (mostly German, Italian and Slovenian brands) and from well known reliable suppliers. 

Elevator modernization MRLElevator control cabinet prewiredElevator modernization package

Contact us in two easy steps and we will get back to you with more information about our Elevator modernization offer: 

Standards and Security

DIRECTIVE: Elevators OMEGA base are conform to Standard EN81, Directive 2014/33/EU.

TURNKEY SOLUTION: To facilitate installation, all the electric elements in the control cabinet come already prewired and programmed by our engineers. There is no need to do any engineering or IT work at the site.

LOAD: 150 kg – 3500 kg (up to 5000 kg for Car Lifts).

SPEED: up to 1,6 m/s maximum for passenger comfort.

SECURITY: the most important aspect at OMEGA base is security of our vertical transport and this should never be questioned. Our engineering team integrates in OMEGA base elevators the most advanced elevator security systems available and we never provide elevators less equipped.

Every OMEGA base passenger elevator features:

  • Gong (beeps in the cabin when the doors are fully open);
  • Parachute system; Shaft Lightning; Emergency light;
  • Blackout function (in case of power failure, the car arrives at the nearest stop and opens the doors automatically);
  • Parking function (when calls are not received, the elevator will be at the lowest level);
  • Full load function (disables the control panel if the car load is excessive);
  • UPS system; Braille on the buttons;
  • Light curtain (avoids blockage between doors);
  • Fan (motor, car);
  • Telephone / Intercom (fire alarm)

OMEGA escalators

Reliable and safe designs for every building, every requirement, according to standards EN115-1.

Installed in airports, subways, commercial and business centers.

General characteristics: 

  • speed 0.5 m/s
  • inclination 30 degrees or 35 degrees;
  • width 600 mm - 1000 mm;
  • steps and combs in die cast aluminum alloy;
  • possible semi-outdoor or outdoor installation;
  • vertical balustrade with tempered safety glass, profile in hairline stainless steel;
  • numerous safety features and additional options to choose from.


Escalier roulants electriquesEscalator Elevateur et escalier mécaniqueElevateur et escalier mécaniqueMoving staircase and escalatorEscalator et ascenseur

Collaborate with us

At OMEGA base our clients are our partners. We want to help you win new projects and upgrade your services to end customers.

We provide you with full technical and marketing support, as well as free consultation on your projects.

The only collaboration we are interested in, is a win-win collaboration, equally beneficial for us and for you.

If you think you can represent our services locally on your market, have a complementary business and are interested in pursuing new opportunities with us, please complete the form below and we will be shortly in touch with you.

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Passenger lifts

Lift in INOX


Interested in our hospital lifts?

Read more about our hospital lifts here.

INOX elevator

Can't find the type of passenger lift you are looking for? 

Kindly contact us here and we will send you a full catalogue of options.

Most popular OMEGA lifts are passenger electric MRA, MRL or hydraulic lifts with cabin walls in INOX stainless steel, RAL or laminate coating.

Flooring is usually anti-slippery rubber and easy to clean. For an upgrade, we can also provide granite or marble flooring.

You can choose your own ceiling, handrail and cabin design from our catalogue, as well as RAL or laminate colors. Designing your own cabin is always an option, with COP in vertical or horizontal disposition.

Safe and affordable solution for residential buildings, OMEGA lifts can also be adapted to disadvantaged persons, with wheelchairs and travel companions.

Our elevator range is designed to ensure smooth and efficient people flow in high demanding and busy environments. It is easy to install, since the electric comes pre-wired.



Goods lifts

Freight lift
Goods electric lift

Discover ur wide range of service and heavier-duty goods lifts which cater for loads from 100 (dumb waiter) - 5000 kg (car lift).

Cars are constructed from layered steel sheeting, finished in a tough baked enamel with heavy duty vinyl flooring. You can choose your own lightning in the cabin.

We also provide combined lifts for both goods and passenger use. 

Speed: 0.15 m/s up to 0.40 m/s



Panoramic lifts

Panoramic glass elevator stainless steel finish
Panoramic glass elevator

Elegant car cabin in solid unbreakable glass with finishing touches in Inox stainless steel.

Prestigious, timeless and elegant design which enhances every buildings aesthetics and easily becomes the center of its attention

Can be installed indoors or outdoors next do the building.

Our panoramic elevators are most suitable for commercial centers, business buildings, airports and hotels.

They are exquisite in high end details and pure fine lines and make the building extra spacious and modern.

Easily they can boost your sales or make the building look much more professional, clean cut and businesslike.