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Elevator use during coronavirus

Tips for safe elevator use during Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is primarily transmitted from symptomatic people to others who are in close contact through respiratory droplets. Those droplets can attach to various surfaces, as well as elevator buttons and handrails. Since many people use elevators daily, please practice the above explained rules for your safety and the safety of others.

hand-free operating panels in elevators

Hand-free operating panels for elevators

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global outbreak, OMEGA base is implementing new solutions in elevators OMEGA to ensure a safe and contactless elevator use.

Hundreds of people are using elevators every day and the buttons are touched by many hands, consequently they are a great place for any virus transmission.

We want to contribute to a safer and healthier environment by meeting the highest hygiene standard during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global outbreak.

In cooperation with our partners, we provide a tech smart solution for hand-free use of elevator cabin and landing operating panels.

The system recognizes nearby lifts and places calls to lifts and designated floors via an app on the mobile phone.

Very simple to use, instead of manually calling the elevator, conviently make your floor selection via your app without ever touching any elevator part.

If you want to know more about our solution, kindly contact us here and we will send you more information on how to safely upgrade your elevator.

Semi-circular panoramic elevators

Semi-cricular panoramic elevators are probably one of the most exquisite and aesthetically eye-catching elevators, suited for any modern buildings such as hotels, shopping malls or office buildings.

Combination of unbreakable glass and stainless steel are in absolute harmony with the architectural style of each building.

Due to their open shaft structure, semi-circular panoramic elevators offer a great unimpeded view.

OMEGA semi-circular standard panoramic cabin offers : 

Cabin wall decoration: front wall in semi round safety triplex glass in two pieces,  side walls in stainless steel super mirror finish.

Doors in stainless steel brushed with central opening.

Flooring: granite.

Ceiling: stainless steel mirror laser cut with  LED hidden lights.

COP in vertical disposition, full height.

It is possible to fully customize your cabin model and we will adapt to your wishes. 

semi-round cabinPanoramic elevator

Hospital lifts

Hospital lifts are the ideal solution for any type of health & medical centre, private/public clinic or nursing home.

Our hospital lifts are entirely in robust stainless steel INOX as per specific hygiene requirements, allowing easy and reliable transportation of bulky beds, wheelchairs and other medical equipment.

The depth of the car is sufficient for any stretcher with attendant physician or health-officer.

Hospital lifts OMEGA can have single or double entrance and provide railings, bright lighting in the cabin and access control.

Along with the modern design, our hospital lifts OMEGA are extremely reliable and robust, made for frequent, comfortable and safe use.

Load capacity for traction hospital lifts: 1200 kg - 2750 kg ( from 8 up to 20 persons)

Nominal speed: up to 1.6 m/s

Type of roping: 2:1


hospital lift clinichospital lift in stainless steel

Access control for elevators

Since many people enter and exit hotels, office or residential buildings on a daily basis, we integrate, for safety reasons, elevator card access control system in buildings with a constant flow of people.

Buildings with highly frequented areas are especially vulnerable to theft, vandalism, crime and even bodily harm.

Card access control system allows, only authorized persons, the access of certain floors in the building by elevator (as well as their room or apartment).

Our elevator card system is compatible with most door locks (for rooms or apartments), which means one card is enough for all authorized entries. No more keys, no more fuss.

This is the perfect solution for any upscale hotel because it greatly reduces any risk of an unfortunate situation without any commercial impact. An automated way to control admission to various floors of your building, without the need to have a physical guard on the premises, will also keep your costs down.

And how does it work exactly?

Each hotel guest can only access, using the elevator, the floor with their room as well as the common areas, such as the bar, swimming pool and restaurant.

On the other hand, outside guests can easily use elevators to access the restaurant or bar, but will not have access to any of the other floors where rooms and private areas are located.

The card reader is installed in the elevator COP and guests can access certain floors by swiping their card through the card reader in the elevator. You can manually modify permissions on each card with the help of our hand terminal, for each guest. The same card is then used to access their room.

With this system in place, your building will be highly controlled and your operating costs lower. You will know who exits and enters your building and at which time.

Furthermore, our card access control system is the prime selling point for families or hotel guests looking for a secure dwelling.

access control system
Custom made electric elevators

Custom made elevators

At OMEGA we take care of all aspects of your order to deliver a complete service, from free technical support during installation to shipment of your goods.

Since we do not have mass production, each OMEGA base elevator is custom made according to your particular needs and wishes.

If you have specific constraints, like reduced pit or headroom, we adapt our product to your limits by offering a different type of construction to gain more space (different CWT location, L-type etc).